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Westview Condos Workforce Housing Units

This is a Workforce Ownership home. Households are required to have a completed Intake Form.

Jackson / Teton County Housing Department Regulations | Key Qualification and Eligibility Requirements

  • A minimum of 75% of total household income must come from a local business unless one of the owners is of retirement age (62)
  • A minimum of one person in the household must be working at least 1,560 hours per year or an average of 30 hours per week at a Local Business (see definition below)
    • Retired households are not eligible to purchase except that one person can be retired if another adult/owner in the household is working full time for a Local Business

Local Business is defined as follows:

A.) A local business means (1) a business physically located within Teton County, Wyoming, holding a business license with the Town of Jackson, Wyoming or one that can provide other verification of business status physically located in Teton County, Wyoming, and (2) the business serves clients or customers who are physically located in Teton County, Wyoming, and (3) the employees/owners must work in Teton County, Wyoming to perform their job.


B.) A business physically located in Teton County Wyoming who employs two or more Qualified Employees, which qualified employees must work in Teton County Wyoming to perform their job.

• The household must occupy the unit a minimum of 10 months out of each year. This continues whether or not the owner is retired
• The household may not own any residential real estate within 150 miles of Teton County. This is at purchase and during ownership
• Owners will be required to qualify each year through the Housing Department
• Appreciation of the unit is limited to the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Consumer Price Index (CPI) with a maximum of 3% per year

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